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The neighbourhood guide on my website is a good source if you are in the process of choosing a short list of attractive neighbourhoods.
Because I've lived in Winnipeg all my life, I can personally help you choose the area that is best suited to you and your family.

Here are some of the things you may want to consider when choosing where your home should be.

1). Explore the Neighbourhood in person
keep an eye out for signs of neglect, like several rundown houses, litter in yards and back lanes.

2). If you have children then education is probaly paramount.
a).  Are there schools within walking distance? or will the children have to take the bus?

b). How do the local schools compare?
If your children need them are there religious, private or special training (i.e. French immersion, montessori etc.) facilities nearby?

3). Is there Convenient Public Transportation?
Convenient public transportation and major streets nearby can make the difference between a pleasurable and not so pleasurable commute to work.

4). Take a look at the local District
Does it provide all the shops, grocery stores, dry cleaners, restaurants, dental and medical offices, parks and recreation that you want? Do want to be able to walk to all these ameneties?

5). Listen for Noise
Listen for traffice noise, low-flying planes and any other noises that could be a problem for you.