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Flexible Commission Rates

Lots of Alternatives in the Real Estate Market . . . . but it seems to be from one Extreme to Another!

You either list with a realtor anbd pay the typical commission rate, or use a discount service or you try and sell it yourself . .  but it dosen't have to be that way!

As the consumer you have the opportunity to save thousands of dollars and still receive Full Real Estate Services when selling your property.
There are no Set Commission Rates
The commission rate is completely negotiable between the seller and the listing Salesperson/Brokerage Firm. 
My commission rates can be either a percentage of the selling price or a flat fee. GST is payable on the Sales Commission.

Ever Seller has a Unique Financial Situation
I consider every listing on a case to case basis, every sellers financial situation is different so I tailor my commission rates to match my clients needs.

I take pride in being a realtor who is trustworthy and professional and I do not let payment methods influence the services and advice that I provide.

As a Homeseller you are different from every other homeseller and your
financial situation is different, your motivation is different, your tolerance for risk is different, your timing is different and your home is different.

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So call, text or email me to discuss your Full Service Real Estate Marketing Plan, with Flexible Commission Rates . . . . . .   . . . .. .  It's Really that Simply.