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Comparative Market Evaluation (CMA)

My job is to help you set a realistic price to match market conditions so your house can sell quickly and for the best possible price.

Where my expertise comes in is with the comprehensive analysis of what comparable/ similar/ competitive houses have historlicaly sold for in your neighbourhood weighing the unique features of your house.

This process is known as the Comparible Market Analysis (CMA) and combined with the cost approach it is considered the most effective method of determining what potential buyers will be willing to pay for your house.

The CMA is Divided into Three Categories

1). SOLD Listings:
Similar properties that have Sold: By studing these listing we see what homeowners have actualy received for their properties, over the last few months.

2). ACTIVE Listings:
Similar properties that are currently listed for sale: These properties show exactly what alternatives a serious buyer has to choose - Your Competition the Market

3). EXPIRED Listings:
Are the listings that did not sell: Could be the result of over pricing or other factors like poor marketing etc.

Key Factors are:
Location, square footage, lot size, style, condition and extra features

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