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 Closing the Purchase

Your offer has been accepted but now you have to close the deal. Your lawyer and I will do most of the closing work.

1). I will Fax or e-mail your offer to purchase to your banker and lawyer.
2). Immediately begin to satisfy any conditions of the agreement that require action  on your part.
I will fill out the documents stating that the conditions are satisfied.

3). Well before closing obtain house insurance on your new home, get your
 homeowner`s insurance to be effective for your possession date.The insurance company will  fax a Insurance ``binder`` letter to your lawyer, this letter certifies that you are covered. You  Can`t get a mortgage with out this letter.

4). Meet with your mortgage specialist to finalize your mortgage documents

5). About a week before your possession date you will meet with your lawyer to sign the  closing documents. Yow will need to bring with you a certified cheque for the balance owing of  your down payment and closing cost. Your lawyer will tell you the amount well in advance.