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Viewing Homes

Finding the Right Home, It Starts with that Feeling

I have seen it time and time again: a client finds their perfect home right away, the second or even the first time we go out looking at homes.
They fear that it has all happened to fast, so they think that they should keep looking at other homes to find something better, while keeping that first home on the back burner.

What then Happens?
There ideal home sells quickly to someone else !, although they continue to see dozens of properties over the next weeks or even months, they never find a better house than that first one, and regret their overly conservative decision to hold off.

Although I will never, ever push you to purchase a certain property, my job is to advocate for you. Because I have been listening to you throughout the process and getting to know your preferences I do have the ability to find your perfect home quickly.

Remain  Objective

One of the hardest things to do when looking for a home is to remain objective. It is easy to fall in love with the home's appearance but it is important to look beyond appearances because they can be deceiving.
I will help you remain objective, walking through potential homes is a thrill but don't be fooled by cleaver staging with beautiful decorating,modern paint colours, gigantic kitchen islands or swanky hottubs.

Although that is all very nice lets not get distracted from your real goal of finding a home that fits all your needs and fits your budget.

See What's Out There . . . . Let's Go Shopping !

Now it's time to pound the pavement and see what's available on the real estate market that matches your fits or needs and budget.
This step can be incredibly fun or incredibly exhausting but with me at your side we will be able to siff through to your perfect home more effectively.