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Buying a house in the Midst of Covid-19

I am focused on the safety, health, and wellness of you and your family during the buying process of your home.
During this cautious period, I require that the following list of best practices being adhered to by my clients before and while viewing a property.

Showings Best Practises and Protocol

1) Buyers must complete and sign a Health Disclosure form confirming that they are not exhibiting and COVID-19 symptoms or they have not been in contact with any individuals that have had COVID-19 or its symptoms. Travel restrictions outside the province and compliance with those restrictions are also confirmed. 

2) Showings are limited the number of people attending a showing.

3) Mask must be worn by all of those in attendance for the property showing.

4) Removal of shoes upon entry

4) Hand sanitizer must be used upon entry and restricting physical touching of any personal items.

5) No use of bathrooms