Moving With Pets

Moving can be stressful for people, so just imagine how anxious it can make your pets.

They can easily get stressed out when there's unexpected activity in their home or when they're introduced to a new environment. I've moved with three cats and 10 fish, and it's not an easy task.

These challenges don't come with a formula solution, but here are some tips that should make the experience a bit calmer for your beloved companions).

During the packing process, you can actually plan ahead to make this a smooth transition for your pets.

Instead of trying to cram the packing into a couple of days, planning to pack over a longer period of time and reduce the stress on your pets (and probably on yourself as well !) 

Make sure you pack their food, water and food bowls, toys and blankets and bed in a separate box that is easily accessible once you are at your new home.

How To Get Your Pet Used To Its New Home!

Smoothly introducing your dog to your new home

Moving into your new home is very exciting, for your entire family!! But did you know that introducing your dog into a new home can be incredibly stressful for them?

Fortunately, there are a lot of things that we can do to make this transition easier on them, which in the end makes it easier on us!

Dog looking out of car windowThere are a lot of things that you can do to make the move less stressful for your pet.
When moving, if possible, it would be a good idea to leave the dog with a friend they know. This will keep the dog out of your way when you are moving furniture, and decrease the chance that any accidents may happen.

You can also leave the dog in the backyard while you move, as long as it is fully fenced and they cannot escape! Can’t do either?  Well then, the ‘least bad’ scenario is to crate your dog while moving the furniture into the home. Make sure the crate is large enough that they can stand up, turn around, and lay down comfortably, and be sure to give them access to water and let them outside to ‘do their business every few hours.

Doors will be left open, items will be dropped, there will be a lot of commotion, and the best way to keep your pet safe during this time is to keep them out of the way!

During the packing process, you can actually plan ahead to make this as smooth a transition as possible for your four-legged friend. Instead of trying to cram the packing into one or two days, planning to pack over a longer period of time can reduce the stress on your dog (and probably yourself as well!).

Make sure that you pack their water and food bowls, toys, and blankets/beds in a separate box that will be easily accessible once you are at your new home.

Dogs do not like change, so the more familiar the setting, the better! One easy trick is to make sure that they have belongings that smell like you, their people! Having a familiar scent in a strange place can make the transition easier.

All you would need to do is put their toys in your laundry hamper for a few days, and they will smell just like you!! And don’t feel embarrassed, this is like the sweet smell of roses for your dog.

These areas important to your dog as your child’s teddy bear is to them.


Moving with Pets with Different Kinds of Pets

Moving with pets_cat_box

Are you planning on moving with fish?

Fish respond strongly to stress and a move can be traumatizing, if not fatal.

It isn't ideal, but you can transport them short distances in bags filled with their old tank water (check with your local aquarium store for supplies and more details).

If you have a long distance to travel it's best to give them a new home with a friend, empty the tank, and buy new fish after you unpack.

Are you Moving with Guinea Pigs?

From change or being jostled around, their hearts are a Guinea Pig's heart particularly susceptible so take care with Guinea Pigs and make sure they are transported in a warm, comfortable, small carrier or box.

Moving with Birds

Finally, more than one feathered friend has been known to fly the coop on moving day.

Many people proudly announce that their bird has never flown off the shoulder, and sadly regret the complacency.

Birds, like most pets, are very jittery about change. So even when the smartest parrot balks at the idea of being put in a cage, please do it on moving day.