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            Paws in Motion 2014 WALK-A-THON 

          This Year I'm making the effort to not only talk about something that I really care about I'm . . . . . 
         DOING something about it.

         The money raised from this event goes towards helping the over 8,000 animals that come to

         The Winnipeg Humane Society every year.

         Please Consider Making a Donation Today ! To Help Save the Lives of Countless Dogs, Cats,

                                 and Critters.                                   

                                 No Donation amount is too small for it all adds up and they Truly Need our Help ! 

                                              The WHS will issue Tax Receipts to donors for donations of $20.00 or more. 

                                                   Click on  the Picture Below to make an Online Donation 

vv Donate Today ! View my Paws in Motion Web Page