Step 5) Reviewing and Accepting Offers

Sold Reviewing an offer

Interested buyers or buyers will submit an offer to me usually through their real estate agent. We will review and discuss the offer to ensure that you understand all aspects of it.

I will make sure that every detail is legally accurate and in your best interest.

You may accept, reject, or modify it and return it to the buyer as a counteroffer.

If there is a counteroffer and the buyer does not accept the new terms, then the buyer must write a new offer to continue with negotiations.

Your offer will contain:

  • The name or names of the potential buyer
  • Your name (the Seller)
  • The legal or civic address of the property for sale
  •  The conditions attached to the purchase
  •  Price
  •  Closing Date
  •  Chattels
  •  Mortgage Details
  •  Financing Condition
  • Other Conditions and Terms


Receiving Multiple Offer 

You may receive multiple offers on your property, particularly in an active real estate market or depending on neighbourhood demand, so you should understand the process if a multiple offer situation arises.

As a seller you are not obligated to accept the highest offer, you decide which offer to accept, which offer to counteroffer, or offers to be rejected.

In Manitoba, it is a rule imposed on salespersons that the listing agent informs the buyers (through their agent) when they are in a competing offer situation without disclosure of the terms of any competing offers.

The intention of this rule is to allow buyers the opportunity to make an informed decision as to whether or not to make any amendments to their offer to purchase.

This usually is the purchase price . .  resulting in your property Selling Over the Asking Price !.


 Steps for Selling your house:

  Step 1) Consultation and Market evaluation 

  Step 2) Preparing to sell 

  Step 3 Marketing Plan                                                                                                 

  Step 4) Listing your property for sale                                                               

  Step 5) Reviewing and accepting an offer

  Step 6) Closing the sale