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Your Market Evaluation. . For a Smooth House Sale

During our consultation, I'll walk through your home taking extensive notes from the improvements you've already made to the brand name of your appliances.

My job during our initial meeting is to catalog all the things that make your house special and all the areas that could be better and will give you my professional opinion.

After our meeting and touring your home, I will complete and provide you with a market evaluation with no cost or obligation to you.

My job is to help you set a realistic price to match market conditions so your house can sell quickly and for the best possible price.

Where my expertise comes in, is with the comprehensive analysis of what comparable/similar/competitive houses have historically sold for in your neighbourhood, weighing that with your house and it's unique features.

I will recommend a Competitive Price Based on Your House:

  • The way it is right now
  • With minor improvements (cosmetic and some fluffing)
  • Major renovations were done (if applicable)

This way you can decide which option suits your timeline and budget best.

Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

This process and combined with the cost approach is considered the most effective method of determining what potential buyers will be willing to pay for your house.

The CMA is Divided into Three Categories:

SOLD Listings:
Similar properties that have recently sold:
By studying the properties that have sold, we can see what homeowners have actually received over the last few months.

ACTIVE Listings:
Similar properties that have been listed for sale:
These properties show exactly what alternatives a serious buyer has to choose from - your competition.

EXPIRED Listings:
Properties that have not sold:
Could be the result of overpricing or other factors like location, layout, poor marketing. etc.

In addition to the Cma, I will help you develop a Competitive Price Based on other Key Factors.
  •  Location

  •   Square Footage

  •   Lot Size

  •   Condition

  •   Extra Features