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Today's Buyers
who use the internet to find their next home is increasing daily. The traffix to online real estate market-place is sky-rocketing. The power of the web is growing and I have been able to tap into this steady stream of real estate shoppers.
Today's buyer expect lightning fast responses to their e-mails and inquiries,
they expect reqular updates, and they expect an impressive, feature riched website.

Where do Buyers come from ?
The overwhelming majority of recent buyers say they used the internet as an 
information source during their home-buying process, and nearly one-third say they first heard about their newly purchased home from an online channel.
Though the internet was the most popular source, buyers also cited information from real estate agents, yard signs, open houses and print and newspaper ads.


Buyers Want:

More Information:

They are trying to make an iformed decision ablout a major purchase, so instead of holding back information about a property, I deliver as much information as possible.

My listings always have google mapping with sateliite imagery, Virtual Tours and many other features to showcase your property.
Not only does this make your listing easier to find online, and not only does it help to ensure that inquiries about your property are serious ones . . . . . it can also attract attention from the buyers that find it.


92% of all buyers Start their Real Estate Search Online

92% of Buyers
use the Internet in their home search process and 50% of buyers used a mobile application in their home search.

9 out of every 10 Buyers
use the internet to find their home.


More Photos:

Many independent studies show that better listings with nore photos attract more visitors, they keep looking at your house longer, and this generates more quality buyers.

I understand the power of quality photographs and I include as many photos as possible to attract attention to your listing.

Not Only is my Website designed to attract and engage today's buyers,
it also has numerous behind the scenes software elements that will help me
to sell your house.

With High Quality Photos, Virtual Tours, Neighbourhood Information and Google Mapping, nothing matches the effectiveness of the marketing power
of my site.