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Seniors Real Estate Specialist in Winnipeg Manitoba

SRES Counsil awards the SRES designation to those members who have successfully completed it's education program that is offered thru the National Association of Realtors.
National association of realtor

As a Seniors Real Estate Specialist, I am qualified to address the needs of buyers and sellers through major financial and lifestyle transitions that may involve relocating, refinancing, or selling the family home.
I can offer the options and information needed in making life changing decisions.

Selling the Family Home

There is  almost always an emotional element associated with selling a long-time family home. I understand this and specialize in seniors needs and can help ease the transitition first by talking about the reasons for selling and exploring all suitable options if necessary to ensure the best housing solutions.

Selling the family home sometimess is not an immediate decision and requires time, patience, understanding and building a bond of trust between the seller and their realtor.

De-cluttering vs. Staging

I offer my services of de-cluttering to make some modifications that will best showcase the house and make it appeal to a broad range of buyers.

Nobody is fooled by clever staging that camouflouge worn out systems and appliances. Staging can be tricky and stressful for seniors, it takes time and money to stage a house.

It is dificult to live in a staged house while it's for sale and being shown to potential buyers, for one would have to get used to living in a decorated space that needs to look picture-purfect on short notice.

Present During all Showings

Showings can be a stressful time with different agents and their buyers walking through your home.

If a family member can not be present during showing times, I will make arrangements to be present at all showings to ensure lights are turned off, doors are closed, etc. and for emotional support.


Marketing and Exposure

I provide a combination of traditional and Internet Marketing.

A virtual Tour of your property is an excellent way for buyers to preview your house online prior to scheduling a showing.

Think of the Virtual Tour as a Online Open House, which can eliminate the buyers who are not really interested in the property, which makes the scheduled showings easier and for interested buyers only.

My Team of Experts

I have developed over the years a team of experts and advisers if required to help you with every step of the selling process.

My contacts include a moving company, furniture auctioneers, home inspectors, lawyers and bankers who will meet with you in the comfort of your home if you desire to ensure the big move proceeds smoothly.