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Traditional Marketing still continues to be an effective way to advertise your property for sale, but a combination of Traditional and Internet Marketing is the most effective way to achieve the Best Market Exposure.

Traditional Advertising Includes:

1). RE/MAX Yard Sign

A real estate for sale sign is one of the most the most traditional property marketing tools. It lets the neighbourhood know that your house is for sale and can bring in some local leads.

I will have installed on your property my double posted RE/MAX sign with my contact information and a virtual tour ryder with my website address so buyers may view the virtual tour.

Or if you like I can install my newly designed real estate sign with Donation Choice       " In Support of " The Winnipeg Humane Society. View Sign

2). The Multiple Listing Service ( MLS ) -  Realtor.ca 

The Multiple Listing Services exposes your property to professional real estate agents with thousands of potential buyers.
I will create a through and accurate listing with multiple pictures, text and details of your property for sale.

The MLS site has a link to my website where buyers can few more pictures, more information and a Virtual Tour of your property.

3). Professional Real Estate Photography

Photography is very important when selling a house.

The greatest of care will be taken when shooting pictures of your property both the interior and exterior. These pictures will be used in many marketing applications. 

So many times there are beautiful houses on the market with poor photos, and no matter how spectacular your house is, if you have poor quality pictures a buyer might eliminate your house without ever stepping onto the property.

4). Open House ( If Desired )

Having a open house is one of the methods of attracting potential buyers to your real estate Listing.
Some buyers feel more comfortable attending an open house first rather than contacting a realtor initially.

If you decide that you would like to have an open house then the date and time will be scheduled at your convenience.


4). Wren and Open House Ads

An ad will be placed in The Winnipeg Real Estate News (WREN) under the appropriate neighbourhood section. Also if we agree to schedule an open house another ad will be placed in the WREN in the open house section under the appropriate neighbourhood section.

The ads will have my contact information and my website address for buyers to view more pictures, the virtual tour, area maps and more detailed information on your property listed for sale.

5). Marketing Property Binder and Feature Sheets

To keep your house at the forefront of a potential buyer's mind, the professional presentation of your house needs to continue long after the door has been locked and the buyer has left your house.
When buyers are choosing among several houses, the feature sheet is a indispensable selling tool.

I will create a Marketing Property Binder that not only includes features sheets but contains a detailed written discription of your house and its upgrades and features.

This is especially helpful in noting recent updates and features that might not have been notices or are not visible to the average buyer, including things like mechanical upgrades and quality finishes.

This Binder will be prominently displayed in your kitchen or dining room to be used by buyers and agents showing your property.