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The Manitoba Wildlife Rehabilitation Organization (MWRO)

The Manitoba Wildlife Rehabilitation Organization (MWRO) was founded in 1984 when a group of Environmentally Concerned Citizens banded together to form Manitoba's first Wildlife Rehabilitation Organization.In 1993 MWRO Constructed a Wildlife Rehab Centre on a beautiful 1 hectare treed Lot leased from the University of Manitoba's Glen Leas Research Station.

In 2003 the MWRO became know as the Wildlife Haven Rehabilation Centre.

In 2008 they relocated to a Facility in Ile des chenes.

They Provide Care to Manitoba's Injuried and Orphaned Wildlife, 365 Days a Year. While this is a temporary site in Ile des chenes and it serves them well, the Organization Continues to receive approximately 1,500 animals and 10,000 Public Inquiries every year, and are Actively Searching for a New Permanent Location.

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